Pinnacle Beds


Pinnacle Beds are distinct, and offer the sector something different.

Natural Materials. Pinnacle Beds only use natural fillings. We believe that these breathe better, last longer, and with clients ever more concerned about their environment, give peace of mind.

High Quality Build. The hotel environment is tough, and while budget is always an issue, we believe value is vitally important. Components are top quality. We do not compromise, so for example you will find a metal castor on our beds, not an easily breakable plastic imitation. All mattresses, bed bases and headboards are manufactured in our own factories in the UK.

Style that fits. Pinnacle Beds can be upholstered to fit with the hotels style and design requirements, and we can use customers own material. Bespoke headboards are regularly made.

Exceptional Service. We have a dedicated contract and sales administration team, who will look after every aspect of our trade and contract relationships, from bed audits to delivery.

These elements combine to make the Pinnacle collection unrivalled value in both contract and residential environments and ensure a luxurious sleep experience for guests and clients alike.

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